Adaptive Dishwashing

Timeframe: 10 weeks
Year: 2023
Skills: Prototyping, Visualization, User Testing, CAD


The sink is the heart of cleaning in the kitchen. It is something everyone should have the freedom to efficiently use.

Design Criteria


Extends the users reach and provides more control when cleaning.


Can be used in a variety of different ways for users of varying hand mobility.


Provides a quick and easy cleaning experience.
Adaptive Dishwashing
Bristles line the inner wall of the device for rougher cleaning.

Pressure Pump

Repeatedly Pressing the protruding button removes air between the device and the surface. This creates a tightly seals the device.

Inset Button

Pressing the inset release button allows air to flow freely back into the device. This breaks the seal and allows the device to be moved.

Securing the sponge

To lock the sponge in place, the user must push down and twist Clockwise. The protruding element on the bottom of the sponge then follows a channel on the base until it locks.